How to calculate your own income, whether it’s online or offline

Digital drawing tablets are now the preferred way to calculate income online.The idea is that the app can calculate your total income in real time, so you don’t have to wait for a certain time window.But if you want to figure out how much you make, you’ll need to check your income

When Amazon’s new digital speedometers hit Amazon Prime members, they’re not for sale

The new Amazon digital speed sensor is a big deal for Amazon Prime customers who want to keep their data in the cloud, as well as to help with Amazon’s efforts to bring its Prime video service to more devices.The new Amazon Digital Speedometer is available in two colors: black and white.The

How to secure a Digital Certificate?

In this article RTE Digital Certificate experts will show you how to get digital certificates for any domain.If you want to get a Digital certificate for your own website, you

How to Save on Google Shopping Cards with Galaxy Deals

Samsung’s digital coupons have always been pretty solid.But now they’re getting even better.Samsung has released new promotions and coupons that are available to the public via its Google Shopping app.They’re

Dell says its digital thermometer is no longer safe to use after researchers found an adobe signature and a fingerprint on the device.

Dell announced on Monday that it has temporarily halted its digital thermostat business, following a series of reports that researchers found a digital thermocouple and a digital fingerprint on a Dell digital thermometers, potentially giving hackers a way to remotely break into the devices. The digital thermokit, which was launched in 2011, was