Safeway offers ‘safer’ digital coupons for Rs 50,000

Safeway India has made its first batch of coupons available for Rs50,000 on online shopping portals like Shopclues, Flipkart and Shopbop.The coupons, which were available for free till March, have

Why Amazon and other digital retailers are still struggling with digital coupons

The digital coupons market has been growing at a robust pace for several years now, and Amazon and others like it are still trying to figure out how to make the process work better.While some of those efforts have been a success, others have been more patchy.The New York Times recently reported

Why the Sony Cybersecurity Camera Doesn’t Get You Shot

Sony has announced a camera that doesn’t just take photos but can also transmit data via Bluetooth, encrypts your conversations, and has a “wish list” of other security features that