Digital art has become a major industry in Australia, but what do you need to know about using apps to learn about art?

We spoke to digital artists to find out.

Digital art in AustraliaDigital art is a form of artistic expression that is accessible to all Australians.

Digital art can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram Stories.

There are different ways to learn the basics of digital art.

Some artists use Instagram, others Instagram Stories, and some just like to play around.

There are also different apps to get you started.

In Australia, there are several different digital art platforms, some free, some paid.

The key is to choose one that is best for you.

Digital Art BasicsThere are several types of digital arts, and each has a set of rules.

These rules determine what kind of artwork you can create, and how to design your own artwork.

Here’s a look at the basics:Digital art on Instagram.

The main reason to use Instagram is to share art with your friends and family.

It’s a great way to keep up with trends, and get a sense of what is happening on Instagram in your local area.

There is also a social hub that allows you to share your art with up to 500 other people.

In Instagram, you can upload a picture or video, and share the image with your followers.

It can also include a link to the art you’re sharing.

Once you have uploaded the artwork, you are able to search for it by tagging it with your preferred keywords.

You can also search for your art by tagging your favourite artist or artist-in-residence in your account.

If you use Instagram Stories to share an image, you’ll be able to view it by tapping on the tag, and then selecting ‘View’.

If you have Instagram Stories set up as a paid service, you won’t be able edit the tags, so you’ll need to set them up manually.

Here is a video that explains how to use the Instagram Stories app.

You can also share an artwork with your Instagram followers by tapping and holding a picture for a few seconds, and clicking the ‘Share’ button.

You’re able to set up different types of art on different platforms.

For example, on Instagram Stories you can tag an artwork as digital art by tapping the icon in the top right hand corner, and selecting ‘tag digital art’.

On Instagram, your Instagram Stories art can also be tagged as ‘art’, and your friends can share your artwork.

If the artwork you’re tagging has been tagged as digital, you will need to enter your digital art into the digital art search field.

You will be able add tags for any artwork that you have tagged as a digital artist, including images.

This allows you, for example, to add an image of an image that you created to your gallery and post it to your Instagram account.

You will be asked for the title of the image, the name of the artist, the artist’s contact information, and the artist name.

You’ll also be able create a caption of your image.

For more information on digital art and how it works, see our article Digital Art Basics.

There is also an online gallery app called Instagram Stories Gallery, which is similar to Instagram Stories except you can add a photo or video to an artwork.

This app allows you create an image and add it to the gallery, where you can post it.

Once the image is added, it is added to the ‘Instagram’ section of the gallery.

You are able add artwork to your profile by tapping ‘Add Art’, choosing the artwork to add, and choosing ‘Add to Gallery’.

If the image you’re adding to your account has already been tagged with a digital art tag, you cannot add it.

You must create a digital artwork for a digital image before you can do anything with it, including adding a caption or tagging it.

This means you will not be able use the digital artwork as a tag for the artwork.

Instagram Stories Gallery.

You cannot tag an image with a tag and add an artwork to a gallery, so there is no way to create a gallery from an image.

You may have noticed that Instagram Stories and Instagram are both free services, but you’ll also need to pay for some features, such as Instagram Stories Unlimited and Instagram News Stories Unlimited.

If using an app, you should use the app to access the information and create your art.