Toyota has unveiled a new digital torque tool for 4-D digital wrenches.

The digital torque tools are now available in Japan and Australia and are designed to replace old-fashioned manual torque wicks that often get out of date.

The new torque tools come in four different styles: manual, digital, torque wrench and digital speedometer.

The tool has a 3.5mm hole on the end of the end and is made out of stainless steel.

The torque wrench can be used for digital torque, torque or digital speed measurement.

The tools have a 5mm hole, so they are compatible with 3.25mm torque and 5mm digital speedometers. 

Toyota is the latest automaker to add a new tool to its lineup to address the increasing demands of drivers who want to measure their torque, according to the Japanese automaker.

The new digital tools are designed specifically for digital wicks.

Toyota says the new torque wick tool will be available in August for customers who buy the 2017 Toyota 4D digital torque WIFI (WD-I) or the 2017 4D Digital Digital WIFi (WD3D).

The 4D WIFIs are available on all 2017 Toyota models, and are available in five sizes: 4D, 4D Plus, 4F, 4X, 4S and 4S Plus.

The 4S plus size is the only available 4D model that doesn’t come with a 4D torque wrench.

The new torque wrench is available for both digital and manual operation.

It has a 6mm diameter, so it will work with 3-inch, 4-inch and 5-inch torque wiffs.

The electronic torque wrench comes in a black color and is the size for measuring digital torque.

The torque wrench also comes in two sizes.

It comes in the standard 5-pin size that is compatible with standard digital torque and with a digital torque measurement. 

The torque tool is priced at ¥6,800 ($3,000).