Digital art tablet and digital learning apps are gaining traction in the parks, and Disney is now launching in a number of them.

Digital art tablets are becoming a popular choice for parents and kids who want to keep their kids entertained during their day, while digital learning is also gaining popularity.

Digital learning apps like Bonsai and Panda are being promoted as a great way to keep kids entertained for longer periods of time.

Here are the five best Disney Parks that are launching in 2018.1.

Universal Studios HollywoodUniversal Studios Hollywood is now home to Disney’s Universal Studios, the world’s largest indoor and outdoor theater and film production facility, with the world premiere of “Frozen” at the end of the year.

Universal’s new Universal Studios Park will feature a large theme park area and themed indoor areas that will be used for “Frostbitten Warriors,” “Cinderella” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” among other Disney Parks.

The park will feature an “Ultimate Furry Experience” where guests can meet with the furries from the “Furball” attraction.

It will also feature a new “Magic Kingdom” attraction, which will open in 2019.

The “Furry Experience is one of the most popular attractions in the park and the Disney Parks team is very excited about the new addition to the park,” said Jim Wilson, vice president of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.

Universal also plans to expand its entertainment offerings in 2019 with the opening of the Universal Studios Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

Universal is also planning to add a new Disney Vacation Club attraction, a new attraction and new restaurants to its Magic Kingdom attraction, and a new ride at Animal Kingdom called “Animal Kingdom: Animal Adventure” to its Hollywood Studios Resort in 2019 and 2020.

The Hollywood Resort will also have its first-ever full-service Disney theme park and will include the new “Dumbo” attraction and an updated “Futurama” ride, Wilson said.2.

Disneyland ParisParis’ Disney Theme Park will be home to a new Fantasyland attraction, the first in the Disney Fantasyland line, with an indoor roller coaster called “Disneyland: Fantasyland” and a nighttime “Fantasyland” attraction that will debut in 2019 in its new “Festival Square.”

Disneyland Paris will be the first Disney Theme Parks in Europe to have a nighttime attraction, according to the Walt Disney Imagineering Group.

The new attraction will open at Disneyland Paris in 2019, and will feature the original “Fantom Jungle” ride and “Minnie Mouse’s Munchies” attraction from the first film in the film series.

It also features the first of four new attractions, “Magic Mountain,” a coaster and ride that will open for the first time in 2019 at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

The attraction will be built on a new platform in the center of the park, with “the longest track in the world,” according to Wilson.

It features a new themed area for “the first time,” with a new coaster that will ride at Walt’s California Adventure theme park in 2019 as well.3.

Disneyland CaliforniaDisney’s “Fairy Tales” attraction will debut at Disneyland California in 2019 on an indoor coaster and a “Furious Furry” ride.

The ride will feature two new rides, a “Coco,” a new nighttime coaster and “Coconut Princess,” which will debut for the Disney Pixar and Disney Imagineers in 2019 that will offer guests “a more interactive experience,” according a statement from the Walt Parks & Entertainment Group.

This new ride will also offer an interactive element to “Munchies,” which Wilson said will be a new feature for the ride.

It is the first ride that features a live animatronic character for “Coke,” which was added in 2019 to the Disney Magic Mountain ride.


Epcot International in FloridaEpcot International is home to the world-renowned Epcot Resort and will be one of four Disney Parks to debut a new indoor attraction at Epcot in 2019 called “Fairest of the Fairies.”

Epcot will also debut a brand new attraction, “Fauns,” which is a new, fully interactive, interactive ride, according a Walt Disney Interactive Blog post.

The Fauns ride will offer live, animated Faun, including live Faun performance, voice-over narration and performances, and interactive “play” with live animals, Wilson wrote.

The Epcot theme park will also expand its dining and entertainment offerings, including an expanded dining experience that will feature “a new menu of restaurants” and other dining options, Wilson added.

The menu will be updated to reflect the new Epcot restaurants, which are part of the Epcot family of restaurants.


Disney California Adventure ResortThe Walt Disney California Adventures Resort will debut a “DisneyQuest” attraction in 2019 for “Disney’s Journey to the Magic Kingdom.”

The attraction is a two-story, interactive theater that will entertain