Kroger is taking a more aggressive digital approach to the food business, with a new digital playground that will provide more value to customers and offer a better experience for customers who use digital devices.

Kroger announced the digital playground on Tuesday, which will be used by Kroger shoppers to browse food online and to find and buy products.

The new digital space will allow Kroger customers to buy and add products and items, get a free Kroger app, and also access an additional 10,000 apps, and the new kiosk, according to a release.

The Kroger digital playground, the new digital kiosk and the mobile app, will be available to Kroger employees and customers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The kiosk will have the same menu, pricing and delivery options as Kroger Food Network and the Kroger App, which are also part of the new platform.

Kroger said the kiosk was designed to give customers access to the full range of Kroger products.

Kraft, which has an 80% market share in the grocery space, said it is expanding its digital kiosks to include food.

It is also working on a digital grocery store, which is expected to launch later this year, it said.