By Michael MearlsPublished August 05, 2017 08:50:01Amazon announced today that it will open a new fulfillment center in the city of San Diego and open another new fulfillment location in the future.

Amazon announced that it is adding over 100 new jobs and adding more than 100,600 items to its current fulfillment centers.

Amazon has announced a new $300 million investment to create a second fulfillment center and a new distribution center in San Marcos, a small town in northern Mexico.

Amazon says it will build a new processing facility in the area and also invest $2.5 million to create jobs at the new site.

Amazon also said that it plans to create two more fulfillment centers in Mexico and another expansion in the U.S.

This is a big deal for San Diego, a major hub for Amazon’s fulfillment operations in the region.

San Diego is home to a total of 1.4 million Amazon employees, with an average of 2,300 people employed in the San Diego area.

The company says that this new expansion will allow it to grow its fulfillment and distribution facilities in the United States and to help customers find products faster.