What’s a digital marketing career?

The answer is pretty straightforward.

A digital marketing professional spends years crafting the right digital strategy, setting the right keywords and building relationships with clients.

A successful digital marketing job requires the right background, a passion for the business, and an ability to stay focused.

But if you’re struggling to get a job, you might want to take a look at some of the strategies below.

What are digital marketing jobs?

Digital marketing jobs are typically digital marketing positions that involve building a digital strategy.

Most jobs are online, so there’s a wealth of opportunities for freelancers and independent contractors.

However, there are some digital marketing roles that require a certain level of knowledge in some form of digital marketing.

The top 10 digital marketing-related jobs in 2017 There are plenty of opportunities in the digital marketing industry.

You can find jobs in marketing, social media, online marketing, mobile, advertising, and more.

To find the best digital marketing careers, we’ve gathered together the top 10 jobs that digital marketers can look forward to in 2017.


Marketing Manager Digital Marketing Manager (GMD) Digital marketing managers can be the driving force behind your digital marketing efforts, and are often the ones who create the best content for your brand.

These digital marketing professionals will be responsible for creating content and managing content.

They may also oversee your social media marketing efforts.


Senior Account Manager Digital marketing is the number one way that brands get noticed.

In this role, you will manage digital campaigns and campaigns in multiple brands.

In addition to managing your marketing budget, you’ll also oversee content creation and manage the social media channels.


Brand Manager Digital marketers often manage the brands’ social media platforms.

Brand managers often work with their brands’ online campaigns and digital media platforms to build a following, build brand awareness, and drive sales.


Social Media Manager Digital media is the biggest area of growth for brands, and it’s a great place to be a digital marketer.

These marketers are responsible for managing social media for their brands, including creating social media content, posting content, and promoting content.


Online Content Manager Digital content managers are responsible of creating, maintaining, and monetizing digital content for brands.

This includes content management systems, search engine optimization, social networks, and video.


Web Designer Web designers are often responsible for building brand awareness through their online content.

These designers work closely with their clients to create digital content and develop brand relationships.


Marketing Analyst This position is the most difficult one for digital marketers.

Marketing analysts work to help brands understand their digital marketing strategies.

They’re responsible for reviewing the marketing strategies for each brand.


Media Director The position of Media Director is the highest-level position for digital marketing, and a lot of marketers fall into this category.

These professionals oversee all aspects of digital media.

They also handle social media outreach, and help brands promote their digital content.


Product Manager Product managers manage digital content to help their brands achieve brand awareness.

They’ll create digital videos and social media posts.


Senior Director This is a very senior position in digital marketing that typically involves handling marketing budgets, social platforms, and digital marketing for a brand.

They oversee all marketing departments for a company.

The position usually requires a bachelor’s degree in a field related to marketing, including digital marketing or content management.