I got my hands on the Reliance Digital wall clocks from Reliance, the company behind Jio and the Vodafone digital payments platform, and while I didn’t expect to love them, I can honestly say I was blown away by their value proposition.

The Reliance digital wallclock is a smartwatch-like device, designed to be worn on your wrist while watching videos, listening to music, or playing games.

The device also features a few extra features like a heart rate sensor, which can automatically adjust the heart rate to match your surroundings, or the ability to record audio from the device, or even an alarm clock.

The heart rate sensors are useful for the devices battery life and also for recording sleep patterns, but I really like how they integrate the device with a lot of the other smartwatches out there.

The digital wallClock starts at $49.99 and can be preordered starting today.

It is available in black, gold, or red and will be available in India starting next month.

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The other feature that was really interesting to me is the Reliant Digital app, which is a cloud-based dashboard app that connects you to your digital wallet.

The app allows you to track your payments, buy, sell, and even change your credit card and debit card balance.

The Dashboard app is a great way to track all the things you spend money on, which also helps you to know what’s going on with your digital wallets.

It also offers a “pay with a credit card” option that allows you or someone you trust to pay for something with your credit cards.

In addition to this, Reliance has also created a dedicated payment app for the D3 that allows customers to make online purchases and payments through their mobile phone.

The D3 is a $39.99 smartwatch that works with Reliance’s Vodacom digital payments service and can also be pre-ordered starting tomorrow.

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The Reliance Wifi Dashboard has been redesigned, and now comes with an alarm and a countdown timer to keep track of your digital payments.

Reliance is also introducing a new way to purchase products and services with its mobile payments service, Vodakha, which will be rolled out across India starting in May.

It will also be available for pre-orders starting today starting at Rs. 899.

The Wifi dashboard app for Reliance and Vodajha is available for free from Relias website.

You can also check out more of the new features that Reliance introduced in its latest product announcements.

Reliant has been making significant changes to the company since it bought Vodakh in the summer of 2015.

After the acquisition, Relias new chief financial officer said that the company would focus on making more value propositions and building its brand around its digital payments offerings.

Relias current digital payment offerings are aimed at the consumers, but the company also said that its plans for digital payments were based on the assumption that there would be a demand for digital payment.

It was also said by Relias CFO that Relias digital payments business will continue to focus on the consumer, but also aim to bring other businesses to the fold.

So, the next few months will see the launch of new digital payments and mobile payments options, as well as the launch in the country of Relias first retail store, in New Delhi.