According to the American Conservative, PayPal has signed on to pay for the “pay-at-the-book” services of publishers and authors.

“PayPal’s digital platform will offer an online bookstore service that allows consumers to pay book buyers for their purchases,” the American Conservapedia said in a statement.

“We are excited about this partnership, which will enable us to deliver a new service that will improve the digital book market.”

According to The American Conservaedia, “Paypal has been providing a platform for publishers to sell and collect ebooks and other digital content for more than two decades.

We believe this new service will bring an entirely new dimension to the traditional bookseller model.”

Paypal has not yet officially confirmed this partnership.

According to USA Today, the company has “received a letter of intent to expand its relationship with publishers through PayPal, but the details are not yet known.”

According, the move could come as early as next month, and could include the sale of publishers’ ebooks, or simply an increase in the amount of books that can be sold for the same price.

Amazon digital publishers Amazon is also expected to begin accepting digital payments in 2018.

The American Heritage Association, which represents publishers, said that Amazon’s “digital payment capabilities” would be beneficial to publishers.

“As digital technologies mature and become more common, we are excited to see publishers embrace digital payment for their titles,” the group said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.