The new Google+Drive for Android brings a few new design changes and new functionality.

You’ll see that it’s now possible to add albums and playlists.

You can now drag an album and add tracks and playbacks, and drag a playlist to drag to play.

Google+ is also now more consistent with where it displays content in your Google+ feed, and it’s better at displaying the most recent posts.

However, the interface has been a little tweaked.

It now supports drag-and-drop, and the album and playlist lists have been rearranged.

We’re also seeing more customization options in the interface, such as adding albums to your Google Drive and adding playlists to your Play Music account.

Google says you’ll find a new home for playlists on Google Drive, which will show up next to the album you want to add, and you can use the new Albums option to select a different playlist.

This new layout should improve readability and make adding playbacks and albums a lot easier.

You’re also now able to save your albums, and when you delete an album, it’ll disappear.

If you want your albums to stay in sync with other music services, you’ll need to sync your playlists and albums in the Google Drive app.

Finally, you can also now drag the album in Google+ to your other accounts, and use the drop-down menu to change the artist, song, and album title for each account.

There’s also a new “Back to Album” menu, which lets you back up your albums and add playlists, or drag albums from your Play List to your home screen to add them to a playlist.