Digital camera sales are up sharply in the UK this year as more people look to purchase them online.

Digital camera sales rose 12.1 per cent in the week to December 25, with an increase of 10.1 million units to 4.86 million units, according to research firm IDC.

Digital camera unit sales are now up 15.7 per cent year on year, with the biggest gains in the US, where the number of digital camera units sold rose 7.3 per cent to 8.48 million units.

Digital camcorders were the second-biggest growth market for digital cameras in the year to December, with unit sales rising 7.6 per cent. 

“Digital camera units are now surging and it looks like a good year for the digital camera market,” said John Matson, senior research analyst at IDC in a report.

“The UK is clearly an important market for Digital Cameras.

We think it will be the top market by the end of next year and we expect the UK to lead the way.” 

“There’s definitely an appetite in the market for camera accessories and digital cameras.

We believe that in the near future we will see more of a trend towards buying digital cameras.” 

The biggest gainers in the digital camcorder market were in the United States where sales rose by 14.4 per cent and Japan where sales jumped 18.1% to 3.35 million units in the same week.

In the US sales rose 8.5 per cent, but sales of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III declined 10.4% due to an issue with the camera’s firmware, according IDC, which said that the firmware issue affected around 50 per cent of cameras sold.

“In Japan, Canon is the top seller, with sales of around 4.4 million units this year. 

In the UK, Sony, Olympus, and Nikon are the top sellers with sales in the region up 10 per cent,” Matson said.

The IDC report also revealed that digital camera sales in China increased by 4.7 percent year on-year, to 9.8 million units from 6.4 billion units in 2015. 

The UK sales of digital cameras jumped 16.6% to 2.92 million units with a jump of 8.4 percent in sales in Hong Kong and China.

The UK market has also seen a sharp rise in camera prices in the last few years, which have hit the budget camera market. 

Digital camera prices are on the rise as demand continues to rise, said Matson. 

For example, the Nikon D500, Canon EF100mm f/2.8L USM and Canon EF-S 70-200mm f.4L USMC cameras were the most expensive digital cameras sold in December, according the IDC data.