Digital Storm Lynx is a new app for Windows Phone devices that helps users track, track and analyze digital content in real time.

The app was created by Microsoft, Nokia and Finnish startup Digital Storm, which aims to be a digital rights management service.

Digital Storm is using the same technology that is used in Microsoft’s popular Office 365 service.

Microsoft has previously released its own version of Digital Storm.

Digital Storm has built a suite of tools to help users monitor and protect their digital content.

When you first sign up, you will be asked to provide your email address and a password, then your email will be set up to download and run as a background process.

You can then connect your phone to your PC via USB or Bluetooth and start the app from there.

Once connected, the app will create a log of your digital activity.

Once the app is running, users can create a custom filter, then export the data to a CSV file.

This data can be then exported to a spreadsheet for later analysis.

You also have the option to send the data via email, so that users can keep track of how their digital data is being used.

This will be a key part of Microsoft’s Digital Storm suite.

Users can also export the information to a Microsoft Excel file, so they can look up information about the content.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone version of the app has also received a few improvements, including the ability to add an email account to the dashboard.

The app also offers a dashboard that displays the last 30 days of activity in real-time. 

Digital Storm says it plans to add new features to the app in the coming weeks. 

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