Digital camera retailer Walmart has announced that it will be adding two new digital cameras to its portfolio this month: the Canon EF-S 100mm f/2.8L IS II and the Canon 50mm f/.8 IS II.

The EF-s 100mm is a mirrorless version of Canon’s current EF-mount digital camera that will be available in stores beginning July 15, and the 50mm is Canon the new full-frame digital camera with a similar design and features to its full-size predecessor.

While these cameras are certainly a big step forward for the company, the announcement comes in the midst of a major decline in the number of camera sales.

The company’s previous Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III camera, which debuted back in November 2013, sold just 7,500 units during the same timeframe.

That’s a huge drop from its current full-sized Canon DSLRs, which have sold nearly 10 million units during that same time.

Canon’s digital camera sales were actually higher than its full size competitors, and it even surpassed Nikon as the company with the highest sales volume in the digital camera industry, with almost 7 million units sold in 2013.

With the company’s camera sales continuing to drop, it’s clear that Canon is hoping to make a comeback, at least in part, with the new digital series.

But if it does, the company may have to make some adjustments to its lineup.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Canon will discontinue the EF-series digital cameras by the end of June.

That means the EF 50mm, EF-M 50mm and EF-E 50mm will cease production.

Instead, the new line of cameras will only be available at select Walmart stores.

There will also be a smaller EF-R 50mm F2.0, the Canon 100mm F4L II, Canon 70-200mm f2.4L IS USM, Canon 80-200 F2 L IS II, and Canon 100-400mm F5.6L USM.

This will likely mean that the company will be limiting the number and size of the EF lenses that can be used in digital cameras.

The announcement comes at a time when Canon has been in a period of transition, losing more than 100,000 full-time employees in the last year alone.

Canon is also considering expanding its digital lineup, which has traditionally been limited to its EF lenses, to include more full-featured digital cameras, but this could be difficult because of the high cost of such a move.

It may be a tough sell for the digital cameras company to make such a drastic change, but the company has a strong track record in the photography and digital imaging industry, so it may be worth considering if it’s worth it.