New Hampshire has become the latest state to allow digital cameras to be used as a personal property for less than $100.

The state’s House and Senate voted on Monday to adopt a bill that would allow individuals to sell their digital cameras and other digital media used for personal use to anyone with an eligible tax exemption.

House Bill 616, sponsored by state Rep. Bill Haney, would allow anyone to use the digital camera and other media to purchase digital files for $100, even if they are not registered with a local or state digital camera rental company.

The bill also would allow the sale of “any electronic or printed image, video, audio, digital audio recording, or other content” in the form of a digital camera to any person, regardless of their tax status.

The measure has been endorsed by the New Hampshire chapter of the Recording Industry Association of America.

The National Association of Broadcasters also endorsed the bill, calling it a “first step in a national trend toward greater transparency in our digital economy.”

The state is one of four in the country that allows owners of digital cameras that are registered with the Department of Revenue to sell them for less money than a digital copy of a film or TV show, according to the state’s Bureau of Corporations.

New Hampshire is the first state in the nation to allow for the sale or rental of digital media, according a press release from the bureau.

It’s also the second state to legalize the use of the Internet to stream music and video online.

The National Association for Broadcasters, the Recording Academy, the Motion Picture Association of American and the Motion Graphics Association of North America also supported the bill.