The first of the new digital turbines is due to arrive in Hong Kong on June 22, 2017.

Digital turbine Hong Kong, September 19, 2017 – The first of a new generation of hybrid-electric generators is due for delivery in Hong Kowloon next month, with the company Digital Turbine Ltd (DTLA) confirming it has secured a new $100 million contract with Hong Kong’s Municipal Electric Authority (MEA).

DTLA said it will install the turbine, a 6MW unit, in two buildings in Hong Kok Street, which is currently the main terminus of HKSE’s electric power distribution system.

DTSA said the turbine will be operated by a partnership between the company and the Hong Kong Electric Power Company (HEPCC), a joint venture between HKSE and HKSE Holdings Pte Ltd.HKSE said it has been working with DTLA on the installation of the hybrid-powered generators since late last year.

The hybrid-diesel hybrid electric generator (HEDG) system, which uses the same power as diesel, can produce up to 500MW of electricity for about two hours at full load, compared to diesel generators that are designed to produce more than 200MW at full power.

HKSE says the new hybrid-engine hybrid diesel generator (HEEDG), also known as an electric turbine, is designed to deliver up to 600MW of power for two hours, compared with diesel generators.

The HEEDG system is expected to be installed in Hongkong’s new residential and commercial areas.

The hybrid diesel power system is also designed to provide up to 6 MW of power to residential and business areas for up to a week, compared by HEDG to diesel power systems.

Hongkongers have been increasingly opting for energy efficiency and renewable energy in recent years, including from the rooftop solar panels installed in the new Hong Kong towers.HKSEA said the HEEDGs will be manufactured in Hong Lim Square, where the company has a manufacturing plant.

The company said it plans to invest $20 million in the project.