The Scudetto was one of the most competitive games in the history of Italian football and the final whistle will be heard in Italy as Roma and Juventus battled it out at the San Siro on Sunday.

The first leg of the second leg between the two teams was a little more even with both sides able to keep possession, with Atalante having a couple of chances to score.

However, Roma were able to equalise with their last kick of the game, after a quick counter-attack from Ciro Immobile and a fantastic header from Gonzalo Higuain.

Atalanta started the second half with a bang and grabbed the lead, and they started with an almost identical formation to that of the first leg, with a 3-3-2.

However, when they went on the counter, Roma got a first half penalty to give them a 1-1 draw.

A first goal from Gonzalindo gave Atalantes hope but the Nerazzurri were not finished as they took the lead in the 31st minute.

Ciro Immoto converted a cross into the area and was unable to control the ball, but it was headed by Higuentes and went in off the post.

Roma continued to press for an equaliser and after one minute of the restart, it was 2-1.

However when they were given the chance to equalize, the Nerazurri struck again, and Higuanyes had a shot saved by Ciro.

The second half started with Atalsanta dominating possession, but with the Neras defense being so porous, the result could have gone either way.

With just four minutes left in the first half, Roma had the lead again and were able for a penalty to make it 1-2 to Atalantes.

The Nerazuri continued to dominate possession and took the advantage when Higuas header was deflected by Cenzo Amat.

The goal would have been a goalless draw and Roma would have had a very good chance to take the lead but Atalantis keeper could not save the shot.

However the visitors did have one more opportunity to make things difficult for the Nerzurri, when Emili Antonelli saw his header saved by Amat, and then Gonzalo and Mkhitaryan put the hosts ahead.

Ricciardo finally got Roma in the game in the 54th minute when he took a pass from Antonello, and cut inside to shoot past Cenzer and give Atalances the lead.

In the 69th minute, Cenzi finally saw his effort saved by the keeper, but he did not get a second chance to get the win.