link source Reddit The subreddit /r, known for its wide-ranging posts about all things digital, has had a pretty busy few months.

From a slew of big news items and viral GIFs to memes and memes about the state of the world, it’s a pretty wild ride.

Now, a bunch of the subreddit’s most active members have taken to the subreddit to give their own digital photo frames a makeover.

The “Digital Photo Frame” is a subreddit dedicated to photos that are either cropped or cropped to 4 digits, as opposed to the 2 digits that are typically used in digital cameras.

The post originally said the original photo frame was from a Samsung Galaxy S4, but now it seems to have been taken from an LG Optimus G Pro, which is a phone that LG has not released an official update for.

This is an image of the “Digital Frame” as it appears on the LG Optimus Pro smartphone.

The image shows a small amount of black on the bottom of the phone, while the rest of the frame is white.

As for the back, it appears to be made of a metallic gray material.

This makes sense, since the phone is meant to be used in a photo shoot.

It would be nice to see the back of the LG G Pro be in color.

The LG G4 was the first smartphone to come with a physical back, so this is likely a “one-of-a-kind” device.

This is not the first time a Reddit user has created a digital photo.

The original thread was created in July, after a Reddit member submitted a “digital” image.

The original image on the Reddit page shows a dark grey metal phone, with a small dark gray circle in the middle.

The light grey circle indicates a phone’s battery.

A white box appears to have “Digital Door Lock” written on it.

This box appears in both the top and bottom corners of the photo frame.

The Reddit user also noted that the phone has a microUSB charging port.

The post also said that the original image was taken on a “Samsung Galaxy S5.”

The original post has since been deleted.

As far as the actual photo, there’s a lot of detail to this one.

The phone is clearly made of aluminum and metal, and the phone’s body looks very polished.

The photo frame is also made of metallic gray metal, which looks very premium.

The screen on the phone appears to actually be a 4-digit screen, with an LED backlight and a metallic-gray metal frame.

However, it looks like there’s no USB port on the device.

There’s no word on when the “digital photo frames” will be available, but we’re curious to see if the device will be made available on the official LG G3 website.