Smiths is rolling out a new digital coupon program, offering 3-D printed coupons for just $1.99 each.

It’s available at and other sites.

The company is also launching a digital shopping portal that includes coupons for all the items it sells.

The coupons offer a great deal for anyone who needs one, especially for small business owners, or people who just want to save a buck.

The discount codes, which can be printed on a piece of paper, will go through Smiths processing, which typically takes up to three weeks.

The new coupon program is available at select retailers, including Nordstrom, Costco, Dollar Tree, Macy’s, and Kmart.

The coupon offers are valid through Jan. 1, 2019.

A new tool lets you shop online with your digital couponsIn a blog post on the company’s website, the company said it is “initiating a pilot program with some of the world’s largest online retailers that offers discounts to their shoppers online using their digital coupons.”

Smiths will be rolling out the new coupon product at select retail sites on Jan. 20, with the first batch of coupons available to shoppers who sign up for the program by Jan. 27.

The program, which allows consumers to print out a coupon code and print it on a physical product, will be rolled out at a larger number of retailers later this year, the blog post said.

Smiths said that the program is not for sale yet, but that it is aiming to roll it out to all the online retailers by the end of the year.

For the first time, Smiths offers discounts on its products online, rather than in store, the retailer said.

Customers can print out the coupon on a digital coupon, and print the coupon off the product, or use the coupons to redeem online at the retailer’s online store.

The coupons can be redeemed for items on the Smiths online store, or the store itself, for free.

The company is not the first online retailer to offer a digital coupons program.

Last year, Target announced it would be rolling the digital coupons out to customers at its online store and other stores later this month.

This year, Sears, Kmart, Walmart, and Target are also planning to offer digital coupons.