The digital landscape is being flooded with high-quality cameras and devices that can bring a level of quality that rivals any smartphone or laptop.

Here are the top 5 cameras for digital marketing jobs in India.

Read moreDigital marketing jobs have always been a tough nut to crack in India, with the vast majority of the jobs requiring some sort of technical expertise or knowledge of the digital market.

There are also a number of different types of jobs that require digital marketing professionals to interact with the marketer.

While the job titles may seem different depending on the company, the job roles may look very similar.

This article looks at the five digital marketing job roles that we know about and see if there is one position that suits your needs better than the others.1.

Digital Marketing Assistant2.

Digital Advertising Executive3.

Digital Content Marketing Manager4.

Digital Copywriter5.

Digital Media Marketing DirectorThe job titles that come to mind for Digital Marketing Manager include:Digital Advertising Executive,Digital Content Marketing ManagersDigital Marketing ManagemenDigital Marketing ManagerDigital Content ManagerDigital Marketing DirectorDigital Media ManagerDigital Media Marketing Manager Digital Media ManagemanDigital Media Managers Digital Marketing Director