The new Digital Angle finder on the Apple Watch will let you unlock the camera without touching your wrist.

If you’re looking for a way to lock the camera, or if you’re a bit paranoid about using the Apple watch in a dark room, this new feature is definitely worth your time.

The digital angle finders feature is part of the new digital angle feature that Apple introduced last week.

The idea is that you can use your Apple Watch as a digital camera to make photos of the environment that you’re photographing.

Here’s how to use the new Digital angle findering feature on the iPhone 6s: 1.

Launch the camera app on the watch, tap the Camera icon, then tap the ‘Find My Camera’ option.

The camera will show up.

Tap the image to see a full-resolution version of the image you want to use as the image thumbnail.

Tap ‘Save’ to save the image and the full-res version of that image as a .jpg file.


Tap on the image.

If the image looks a little blurry, you may need to turn off the image stabilization.


Tap and hold the ‘Digital Angle’ icon on the left side of the display until the ‘digital angle’ option appears.


Tap to access the digital angle function.


Tap into the digital aperture for the image, which will show the digital zoom level of the photo you want.


Tap anywhere in the image (i.e. top left corner) to zoom in.

Tap any other area to adjust the focus.

If it looks like the image isn’t getting focus correctly, tap back to zoom out.

You can also zoom in and out by tapping in and then out.

If there’s a lot of movement in the photo, tap on the shutter release and you’ll see the shutter speed and shutter sound.


Tap back to see the original image.

You’ll see a new zoom bar, and if you’ve used the Digital Angle function, you’ll also see a few settings, including the ISO.

Tap those settings to adjust those settings.

For example, if the image has been taken at ISO 3200, tap and hold to change the camera settings to ‘Auto’.

If the photo has been shot at ISO 4000, tap ‘Auto’ and you will see the ISO of the original photo.

The Digital Angle Finder will only work with photos that are at least 300MB in size.

If an image you’ve taken on your iPhone is more than 300MB, you can tap the zoom bar and change the settings.

It’s worth noting that you’ll only get one click of the digital camera finder.

Once you’ve zoomed in on a photo, you will get a preview of the resulting image.

The preview image will look like this: You can then use the Digital angle function to get the full resolution version of a photo that you’ve captured.

The best part about the Digitalangle finder is that the app will automatically scale the image up or down as you zoom in or out.

For instance, if you want the full version of an image taken on the first image, you’d tap the top right corner of the Digital Angles display to zoom to the left, then zoom out and the resulting photo will be the size of the iPhone’s full screen.

It takes a little practice, but once you get it working, you should be able to use it to get a great shot of the sky.