The Microsoft account you’re signing up for on your Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices is actually a digital certificate, a certificate that gives you access to your Xbox Live online game library, and the ability to access your online video content.

It’s also the only way to access Microsoft’s online video service, Xbox Live Gold.

You can get your certificate through a number of channels, including the Xbox One’s console website,, Xbox One store, and other websites and apps.

If you don’t want to download the digital certificate and go through the hassle of creating an account on the console, here are a few ways to get one for free.


Go to your console’s home page, select Account, and then sign in with your Microsoft account.

This is your only option for signing in with a Microsoft account and obtaining a digital password.

The Xbox One console will prompt you to choose an online certificate, which you can then use to login with your account.

If the certificate doesn’t come up, the console’s console web page may have already sent you a password that’s already taken.


Go back to your game library and search for Xbox Live Platinum and click on the Xbox Platinum logo at the bottom of the screen.


Choose the Xbox Gold certificate, then click on Sign In. 4.

Enter your Microsoft username and password, then follow the prompts to complete your sign-in.

If your Xbox is locked, or the password field doesn’t display correctly, try logging in with another user or going to the Settings menu, then selecting Account.5.

You’ll be asked to select a game from the list of online titles you can play with the certificate.

Select the one you’d like to use, then hit the Select button.

If all goes well, you’ll get a new certificate and you’ll be able to log in to your account with your Xbox and play with your friends.