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Here’s how to live them now Now Adding to the excitement of the new season of ‘The Voice,’ a new episode of ‘This Is Us’ is streaming now Now This is the best deal on a movie ticket, with discounts on Disney movies and more Now You can watch the new “The Voice” Season 2 episodes on Apple TV now, including the new episodes that premiere tonight on Amazon Now This week on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, host Trevor Noah returns to the Daily Show studio to discuss the news that the White House has been investigating Donald Trump.

Trevor Noah: Here we go, the President is the first man to be investigated for obstruction of justice.

Trevor is joined by The Daily Caller’s Matt Besser, The Daily Beast’s Aaron Rupar, and The Daily Wire’s Ezra Klein.

We talk about the latest on the Russia probe and the fallout from the new special counsel investigation.

Trevor, Matt and Aaron will be joining us live on The Trevor Noah Show at 10:30am ET/PT.

You can find our show schedule here.

Here’s the full interview.

It was recorded on Wednesday, February 10th, 2018.