Western Digital is looking to become a leading digital cable provider.

As we reported, Western Digital has been working with a Chinese telecom company to create a digital optical cable for the Chinese market, but has also been working on a Chinese optical cable with Western Digital.

Now the cable has been officially announced by Western Digital, and the first ones are coming online in China.

The new cable is a three-phase cable which will have a maximum diameter of 12 meters, and it will connect to a Chinese high-speed internet provider.

In other words, the cable will use an optical fiber to create high-definition video signals that are capable of receiving and transmitting signals from China’s major internet providers like Alibaba, Huobi, and ZTE.

It’s important to note that the cable doesn’t have a fixed cable path that can be used to connect multiple devices, and that the cables will not be capable of transmitting data from different devices, which makes it ideal for a Chinese consumer.

Western Digital’s new 3Q cable is already a major step forward for the company, and this is a big step forward from the Chinese telecoms, who are still struggling to build a reliable optical fiber network in China after their fiber optic cable failures.

Western Digitimes cable will not only connect Chinese internet users, but also other industries, like the film industry.

For example, it will enable companies to create and sell movies, which could help the company compete in China’s film market.

Western digital is a Chinese internet provider, so it is very important that it develops a robust optical fiber optic network, so that it can compete with China’s other ISPs.

The Chinese telecom is looking for the best optic fiber cable for its customers, so they will look to Western digital to build its optical fiber cable network.

Western digitimes cable is expected to be ready to be used by Chinese internet service providers in the fall of 2020.

It will be possible to order Western digital’s 3Q optical cable through the company’s website.