Fox News has learned that Amazon has reached a settlement with Apple, and that Apple is going to pay Amazon $1 billion in damages to the tune of $2 billion.

Sources familiar with the matter told Fox News that the settlement is worth roughly $2.7 billion.

Apple has long contended that it was the victim of a false claim, and has been trying to recover from the suit ever since.

Last year, Apple and Samsung filed a class-action lawsuit in California over alleged patent infringement by Apple and others.

The case ultimately went to trial in March, but Apple won in the end.

The judge ruled that Apple’s alleged infringement was not “clearly so extensive” that it would justify the amount of damages Apple was seeking.

Apple’s legal team had argued that Samsung was infringing on Apple’s “comparison, comparison, and comparison-to” technology, which was used to create the iPhone.

The company argued that the technology used to make the iPhone is now used in a variety of other products, including Apple Watch, iPads and other devices.